Moonshiners Manual by Michael Barleycorn

Moonshiners Manual

Book Title: Moonshiners Manual

Publisher: White Mule Press

ISBN: 0982405502

Author: Michael Barleycorn

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Michael Barleycorn with Moonshiners Manual

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Originally published in 1976 The Moonshine Manual is a wonderful book if you live on a farm and can drive to town for a bag corn. Along with the typewriter the town Feed & Seed store have disappeared. Today there is a renaissance in micro-brewing and craft distilling. The principals of distilling described is this book are correct but the methods used by today's "urban" moonshiner have changed because every town in America has a home brew shop where he or she can take a home brewing class and buy his ingredients to make beer and moonshine. (Mostly yeast and sugar.) The techniques described in this book are not used by today's modern moonshiner because better how-to information (books) and equipment are readily available. It is estimated that there are 15,000 modern moonshiners in the USA and the industry is currently going through a renaissance. Some home brew shops and internet brewing supply companies are selling the15 gallon pot stills like hot cakes